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Old 2009-08-13, 19:45
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les paul dies at 94

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Old 2009-08-13, 20:14
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A legend in his own life time. I think we'll dedicate this weekend's gig to his memory.

RIP Les Paul.
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Old 2010-01-14, 14:41
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RIP indeed... he was the Einstein of the electric guitar.
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Old 2010-01-14, 18:32
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He lived a long and productive life. He seriously left a mark on the world of music.

I'ma move this to Chitchat because meth makes me productive.

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Old 2010-01-25, 16:03
Forum Daemon
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94 years old?? What killed him, Buffy the vampire slayer?

The fact that he was still shredding right up until his death is making me rethink my planned suicide at aged 50. If I can still play a power chord at that age I'll be happy enough!

Rest in peace, boss

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