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Old 2009-01-23, 09:09
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FX effects help

I am new to Electric Guitars/Amps having come from Accoustic area..I recently got a package deal of JCM TSL 122 Combo and a GSP 1101 but now I have no idea how this effects things work I have read books but still have trouble understanding the jargon send here return there and put your distortion out in front of amp and keep your wah pedal at the back of amp and before preamp and after power amp ect ect.

I have Clean/Crunch/Lead channels at the back 2 x FX send /Return sockets

I am totally confused and I might have dyslexia (ha Ha)..all I need is a good diagram or drawing of my amp and the (wires)inputs and output explained and diagrams of pedals and compressors (GSP1101) in the order they should be and maybe different setups...and if anybody have got the time a good Dummys guide and walk through of how and why they work ..The FX Send & return is very strange to me. If anybody wants a image of the gear inputs and the rest please ask me I will gladly email to you or post up or you can get it of the net easy.

My amp has 2 Effects loops A/ B /Emulated line out/3 loudspeaker outputs. my gear is GSP 1101, Hendrix wah pedal/clapton pedal but I been told that the GSP 1101 might do them effects?

Maybe this is a job for somebody who has got a lot of pateince and time so please be aware I am totally new to this area of equipment.

I think to really help me understand is a really good indepth diagram with clear explanations..that would save a lot of messages or if you know of a good book/DVD/ that covers the above please let me know.

To anybody that replies ...Thank you very much

Old 2009-01-23, 18:41
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First of all "keep your distortion/overdrive in front of your amp" Means plug your guitar to your pedal then your pedal to your amp

Goes like so:
Guitar< ------------>pedal<----------->amp. Required two chords.

When they say put the wah behind your amp it means into teh effects loop.

The send and return is The efects loop were you would plug your effects into.

This works like a series circuit.

Cable goes form the return into the input of the wah pedal (left side of the pedal), then another cable goes from output(right side) of the wah pedal into the return.

Preamp and power amp

Kinda simple. Your guitar signal goes the preamp first. The preamp is what shapes your tone into what sound you like, then the signal goes to the power amp. The poweramp takes your signal and amplifies it making it louder so you can hear it. Then the signal goes into the speaker.

The amp you have the preamp, poweramp, and speaker into one.

So basically it goes:

Guitar<-------->Preamp<--------->poweramp<-------->speaker<---->your ears. Generally

with the effects loop envolved it goes:

Guitar------->Pedal------->preamp------->Send------wah-->return----->poweramp------->Speaker----->your ear pussy.

Heres some posts that helped me learn some stuff about amps


Hope that helps a little.

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