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Old 2002-11-24, 18:08
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The Doctor
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how many smilies do you know?
i know the basic ones
Old 2002-11-24, 18:47
mrweijia's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
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i know the ones that are shown on the side
Old 2002-11-24, 21:02
Def's Avatar
Master Killer
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dammit, this is fucking stupid man... you put the dutch people to shame man
Old 2002-11-24, 21:43
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hahah dutch people... sorry had to make a moronic statement
Old 2002-11-25, 18:22
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Symbiotic In Theory
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haha silly thread.
'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

Originally Posted by metal=life
Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.

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