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Old 2007-06-16, 23:02
the siamese
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"$#%#! DAMMIT

Today, I was with Transient, so we took the metro, and I got a fucking ticket because i didnt have the mutha fuckin card that allow me to pay less BEFORE SAYING IM A CUNT READ CAREFUL.

When you are students, old age, under 18, you are allowed to pay less but you need their own card, IM A STUDENT, so the cops gave me a ticket of 210$ because i didnt have that fucking card and I use my reduced price card, I showed them my students card and offer them to pay the rest (1$), it seems that it doesnt matter...YOU MUST ABSOLUTLY PAY FOR THEIR CARD


so 210$ for dont having that card so, im I right to be angry or wrong?
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Old 2007-06-16, 23:08
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so the card is for when u get pulled over and u meet the mentioned requirements u pay less? i dont quite get it
Old 2007-06-16, 23:22
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This fits in the RTT just fine. Tough luck Bob.

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