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Old 2006-11-03, 03:15
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Happy Birthday 6sic6!
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Originally Posted by moe_blunts
you done told me lots of thangs bout beer n shit and canada. have a grand ol cunt of a good time.

RIP moe.
Old 2006-11-03, 03:56
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Oh wow! Cool! I just sent him part of my carrion plant yesterday so he should have that in a couple days.

Had I known it was your birthday I'd have sent a card, too.

Have a great one! And be watching for a package in the mail! It'll get there about Saturday or Monday. I've got a tracking number for it.

Happy Birthday!
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Old 2006-11-03, 04:01
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Blood Red Bass
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I still think 6 strings is a bit much.....have a good one!!!
Originally Posted by Darko
Compare these people to the norm, say, Muhammed Suiçmez for instance who seems to think that lots of poorly strung together riffs spaced awkwardly around fancy monotonous sweeps covers up the fact that his ideas and songs are really quit boring.
Old 2006-11-03, 05:54
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Cunty Shunt
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Have a good one.
Everyone shut up but me.

Mr. Budd on Relapse explaining LDOH's IAHC Mcd: "It sounds like an inside-out gorilla eating 50 babies a minute."
Old 2006-11-03, 05:56
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Have a good one!
R.I.P. Dimebag
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Old 2006-11-03, 12:20
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Happy Birthday!!!!

Tell your gay brother to get off your AIM.
Old 2006-11-03, 14:27
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happy birthday fellow floridian. hope its a good one involving good beer and naked girls. preferably good looking ones..but if not...drink up!

Last edited by xgrafcorex : 2006-11-04 at 00:45. Reason: typo..
Old 2006-11-03, 18:36
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happy birthday, i was unaware 6sic6 was from here.
Old 2006-11-03, 18:58
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Old 2006-11-03, 22:33
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Happy birthday drink up until you're doing this
“Remember to live, eat, sleep and breathe music for the mind, play from your heart and never be swayed by the current trends.” ~Rusty Cooley
Old 2006-11-04, 00:23
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Have a good one, fellow bassist.
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Originally Posted by metal=life
Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.
Old 2006-11-04, 10:08
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Hyvää syntymäpäivää!
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