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Old 2002-09-03, 04:55
Blade Brown
New Blood
Join Date: Sep 2002
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Check out MY band Pusher...

Is this OK to post, far beyond sane (but pretty close to lame)???...

Check out Pusher. WE are really good!!!

WE have quickly been put at the forefront of the New Orleans music scene with OUR original brand of Alternative/Emo/Metal.

The songs are well written and catchy, but doesn't do justice to the way WE sound live!!!

OUR homepage is

Give us a chance and you might like US.
Old 2002-09-03, 04:58
PST 88's Avatar
PST 88
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Not if you spam bro, we dont take kindly to that shit round heah!
Old 2002-09-03, 04:58
powersofterror's Avatar
I am a tax on the world..
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spamming is bad, go to time out
Man, I get real sweaty after I wack my dong. Yeah, cause I headbang while I do, and I can't really "Jump" (haha ) like VanHalen in a dorm room, so I just walk back and forth....haha a couple days ago I was jumping up and down on my bed, with my pants down and my roommate came in when I wasn't looking, hahaha.

This is my band's page
Old 2002-09-03, 05:11
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I listened to a song. Its nu metal, not my style at all.............
Old 2002-09-03, 09:27
far_beyond_sane's Avatar
You gamma-minus fucktards
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Re: Check out MY band Pusher...

Originally posted by Blade Brown

Give us a chance and you might like US.

I did. Worst 20 seconds of my life.

It sounds like a goose farting to mushy Emo. I have harder emotions in my stools.

Technically, this is spam. House rules say bye bye.
far_beyond_sane - contributing to the moral decay of your children since 1982

"It was some kind of evolutionary glitch, she figured; no different than the other unreasonable side effects of consciousness and emotion, like religion and rap music."

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