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Old 2002-08-26, 00:57
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Toronto
Posts: 38
Exclamation . i . need . someone .

guys....or girls...lolz
im kinda ishm...looking for someone to talk get to know...and stuff
heres some info on me
-16 years old
-short (5'3)
-black hair..almost at my shoulders
-freaky ass green eyes
-pure out metal head \m/ Brutal Vagina \m/
-black clothes
-black makeup
-black insides ;] not my baginey
-im white

yeah. lol. if u want to know more or whatever ... add me to ur MSN...

Old 2002-08-26, 01:03
Drunken Yeti God
Alumni Staff
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: BangHer, Washington
Posts: 2,819
There's already a thread talking about this, please search for it and repost.

Bite me, Adam
Fuck Brad and everyone who looks like Brad. From the looks of this picture, I think he's jerking off too much. Keep him away from LouAnne.

I never fucked a 10, but one night I fucked five 2's.

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
You really have no dignity. I would rather have sex with my fifty year old father.

Last edited by walpurgis : 2002-08-26 at 01:11.

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