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Old 2006-01-10, 01:50
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Ok, so I need some things explained. Lets start.

If I'm playing a C Harmonic Minor scale, what are backing chords that would be compatible with that. Im using The Guitar Grimoire sort of as a reference. And just when I seem to get it, they throw in the roman numerals which throws me back to start.

So in the book it says under the chord chart, that In Harmionic Minor, Minor Sevenths, and minor flat 6ths go with it. Thats it? Thats all that can go with it? So that would also mean that those chords can go with F Harmonic Minor, F# Harmonic Minor and so forth? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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Old 2006-01-10, 06:16
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Take a look at this
It will help clear things up. What chord your playing determines what mode of the harmonic minor you play. That book told that minor 7ths and minor flat 6th work. That's for the i chord of the harmonic minor, say in C. When you take the harmonic minor and start the scale on the second tone of the scale D, you've just changed the tonality of the whole scale. Starting on the 2nd degree (if you look at the scale intervals) is diminished, so pretty much any D diminished chord ii(dim) will work for the 2nd mode. You just look at what the propteries are for that particular scale degree (major, minor, diminished, augmented) and that type of chord, scalarwise, will work with that mode.
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Old 2006-01-11, 00:43
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Hmmm, well it doesnt exactly say diminished, it says Locrian Natural 6. But for the chord chart it does say half diminished, and diminished 7th.

Ok so I IV V is like a popular chord progression, so Im gonna use that for my example. With the C Harmonic Minor Scale. So it would go like this right

I = Cm7
IV = Fm7
V = Gm7

correct? Well im gonna stick to this theory till someone tells me im wrong. Now I have another question. In the Harmonic Minor scale, there is a flat 3rd, also a flat 6th. What If I wanted to play a III, or a VI chord? Would the chord be changed or would it just be a Em7 and Am7? Roman Numerals are also supposed to be small when they are minor arnt they? And finally, can someone give me some good metal progressions besides I IV V.
Well have fun answering my questions
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Old 2006-01-11, 04:08
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I've made a thread explaining most of what you ask. It was one of the first threads of this forum for 7th chords, and one common chord progression. The I-IV-V you have there doesn't have to be all 7th chord either.

C [harmonic] minor triads-

i----> C-Eb-G
ii°--> D-F-Ab
III+--> Eb-G-B
iv----> F-Ab-C
v----> G-Bb-D (V, G-B-D)
VI---> Ab-C-Eb
vii°---> B-D-F (VII, Bb-D-F)

There is a such thing as modal mixture, where you don't need to care for what key you're in; you can just put a Major I chord or something in a harmonic minor scale. But you kinda have to know what you're doing first.
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