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Band: Soulfly
Album: Soulfly
Song: The First Commandment
Tuning: B Tuning (B, A, D, G) Low (B) - High (G)
This Correction By: Niall 'Uncle Clitsta' Polson (lates_dude@hotmail.com)
formally known as clitz
note: correction: made a correction to my last tab coz of the tuning
you should not tune down anything besides E to B, the 6\0 slide is on
a normal A-string

\ = Slide Down

Intro and fills (during the tribal drumming)
|D|--------------| you'll hear it, its light hitting of Low B's
|A|*------------*| now and then.

Verse (thats slide down not slide up, I put an 0 there to clarify it)

Chorus? (fast picking)


Thats it, thats all the parts, you figure out where they are put together

later, Clitz

Taken from The Bass Tab Archive ~ http://www.basstabarchive.com

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