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Old 2004-03-07, 10:42
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Your first set of drums....

What did you guys have for a beginners set? Post a pic if possible. I betcha noone can get any worse then mine:

Brand: SoundSource (used)
Retailer: Radioshack (hahah i think....)
Price: $150
Sold for: $300 (after repairing everything)

12" tom
14" tom
16" floor tom
22" bass drum
13"? snare

ADAM 13" hi-hat (brass colored tin)
Solar 18" crash/ride (made by sabian)
...then destoyed the hihats and got Solar 14" hats

with the adam hi hats, every time you hit them they would bend and stay like that heh.

The tom supports were just metal bars that were bent to hold the toms up. nice eh. I got a pic but my scanners busted.
Old 2004-03-07, 11:16
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The Doctor
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you can continue this conversation in here:

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