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Old 2004-03-02, 20:38
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Stupid post but......

I know this is a useless post for most of you, but i was just wonderin' how many times you wrap your string around the machine head? I see some guys who have the entire string wrapped around it straight outta the pack. Other guys have like one loop wrapped around it. I dont know if it even makes a difference.
Old 2004-03-02, 20:50
Corpsevomit98's Avatar
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Well number 1 if its a stupid post then why the fuck did you make it. And secondly the more that you have wound the faster it detunes itself and the more work you have to do
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Old 2004-03-02, 20:54
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There is a thread called "string" lower on the same page. It would have been smart from you to post this in it.
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Old 2004-03-02, 22:10
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Delete is a wise man.
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