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Old 2004-02-24, 01:30
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Dead fret

On my guitar, the 12 fret on the high E string is somewhat dead. You can still here it but it isn't as clear and it is pretty annoying. My guitar has a licensed floyd rose trem. Basically what I want to know is how I could fix it or make it better by myself cause I dont really wanna spend all that money to get all the frets leveled. Its only this fret that is fucked up. Any suggestions?
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Old 2004-02-24, 03:55
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Hey!!.. Sounds to me like your pickups are raised too high..!
You'll have to lower them. If it's not that.....heh....
Your probably missing a spring inside...
That's all I can think of....
Old 2004-02-24, 07:15
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my shit does that all the time, lower your strings and get new strings
Old 2004-02-24, 08:07
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Yeah, I've had this happen. Lower the pickups.
Old 2004-02-24, 09:06
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Or raise the action if its a "buzzing" sound you're getting.
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Old 2004-02-24, 21:37
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Since it's only the 12th fret on 1 string, I'd not think that it's the pickup height. Have a look at the fretboard from the side. If the frets are not level, you could get this problem. If it is this, then your best bet will be a guitar tech. You can DIY but it requires tools and experience, and if you had that you wouldn't have asked (not meant in a derogatory way, just a statement).
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Old 2004-02-24, 21:46
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yeah im just gonna take the guitar to my guitar person
thanks any ways
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Old 2004-03-05, 18:44
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I got it fixed and it turns out that my frets were coming up and he glued them down for me. It only cost $25, so its all good now. And my guitar kicks ass now.
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Old 2004-03-05, 23:20
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This happend to my warlock, for me it was the bridge, it got all off center, and around the 11th to the 24th fret on my high E was all dead, but they moveed the bridge some and its back in order!
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