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Old 2004-02-07, 11:30
Raagshinnah's Avatar
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new rule suggestions

1) No "hi im new mail me" threads

2) in the request and tab posting forum, there should be a mandatory title format such as "$BAND - $SONG"

people might actually read them then, cause right now people just post threads like "SOMESONGREQUEST" and noone ever bothers to go look at it because of the retarded title
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Old 2004-02-07, 15:23
Senior Metalhead
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what if there are 2 songs your requesting why should I make 2 threads instead of just one with a ttile saying 2 tab requests?
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Old 2004-02-07, 19:21
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Put both in the title
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Old 2004-02-07, 19:35
Father Death
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as far as the "im new" threads...if thats the only way new people can think of saying hi, then just call them morons and be done w/it, or just don't read the thread and save yourself from getting pissed off.

any new people that wil matter will be the ones that just start commenting about shit here and there and eventually everyone else will take notice and off you go.

as far as tab request titles...come on man, simmer down...if you think "2 requests" is stupid, then don't read it and thats that...even if you do read it what is the odds that its a song you will actually tab out anyways?

if have a list of songs you want from god forbid and theatre of tragedy, just put "theatre of tragedy, god forbid" you can't but whole fucking song titles in the subject title "god forbid - ashes of humanity (regret), theatre of tragedy - On whom the moon doth shine" look how fucking long that is.

here's the new rules:

1. get a real name raag faag

2. if your getting pissed off by these minute things, you need to spend alot less time in the forums.

3. bring it motherfuckers
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Old 2004-02-08, 20:27
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Originally Posted by Father Death
1. get a real name raag faag

Simmer down there fellow. No need to be so bashful to a guy who's been around here a while.
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Old 2004-02-09, 23:58
Father Death
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Location: CANADA!!
Posts: 843

the patterns are everywhere...

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