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Old 2003-12-10, 21:33
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Anthrax in Louisville Kentucky.....


Contact (recording)
What Doesn't Die
Got the Time
Caught in a Mosh
Safe Home
Nobody Knows Anything
Dethroned Emperor (intro)/Belly of the Beast
Refuse to Be Denied
I Am the Law
Be All, End All
Indians/Whiplash (up to first chorus)

This had to be the greatest show I've ever seen. Everything was just so awesome, the guys have never sounded better, and John Bush won the crowd over and was quite entertaining! I was kinda hoping for a few more volume 8 songs, and pre Among the living songs....but that setlist beats the hell out of the others I've seen for this tour. I met the band afterwards with my aftershow pass and they were really nice and signed my WCFYA cd.

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Old 2003-12-21, 22:45
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I saw Anthrax in 88' or 89' in Louisville with Helloween & Exodus. The seats were shaking...
Old 2003-12-22, 09:19
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sweet, Anthrax anywhere is good, saw them twice and must say I was impressed!
Old 2003-12-22, 12:03
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The Doctor
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yeah, and they're back at graspop and wacken
Old 2004-04-21, 14:25
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That setlist sucks, I am only a fan from Fistful of Metal to State of Euphoria. Never seen them live, though they played locally.
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