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Old 2003-11-17, 04:42
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All-guitar dark atmosphere melodies

I finally got my shit together with my band, Nocturnal Sun, and over the course of 2 months have recorded 8 songs for a Demo CD. The tracklist is as follows:

1.Eternal Dusk
2.Embrace The Dark
3.Riding The Mist
4.Twilight Sonata
5.Her Ghost In The Fog (Cradle of Filth cover)
6.It's Been Awhile (Staind cover)
7.Pinball Map (In Flames cover)
8.Only For The Weak (In Flames cover)

The first four I've put my all into and are composed by myself. Nocturnal Sun, my band persay, is basically a one-man band. My songs are all guitar (no drums/vocals except for drums on It's Been Awhile) and I've pieced them together very nicely in my home recording studio. The 2 In Flames cover songs are a bit outdated since I recorded them back close to 4 months ago and my skill has consistently improved, but until I find the time to re-record them, they will remain rough covers.

Of course I don't expect anyone to buy the CD unless you really want to support me, because the songs are all-guitar songs and not a full band. If you could just take a look at the two songs I have put up on (Riding The Mist and Twilight Sonata) and give me some feedback, that would be greatly appreciated. If you want to buy my demo CD, feel free to email me with your request and I will ship one off to you for a very low price.

the link to my main website and the album information for Dead of Night is:

Any feedback would be great, so please post it here. Thanks everyone!
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