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Old 2003-10-17, 06:42
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Question my snare screws the bassdrum sound!

Hi all

Ok (I just started drumming)

When I simply hit bassdrum my snare "rings" along (you know what I mean).

It's very annoying if you play for practice.

How do I get rid of this, and will this have any negative effect on gigging with a 'miced' drum?

Old 2003-10-17, 09:53
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its a really common thing, just deal with it.

when I play bassguitar the snare rings too.

you can pull up the snarestrings, but that will fuck up your snaresound so...
Old 2003-10-17, 10:47
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The Doctor
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maybe the snarestand is in touch with the bass, that'll give more vibes
Old 2003-10-26, 03:11
New Blood
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thats pretty normal but if it's really bothering you a small peice of duct tape over the snarestrings can quiet it down alot but it'll make your snare sound alot crappier.
Old 2003-11-07, 01:44
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i just bought some aquarian studio rings, i put one inside the snare so its laying on the bottom head, and then just put the other ring on the top head., that got rid of most of the low freq's snare buzzing, plus my snare is way tight.
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Old 2003-12-10, 22:50
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I am going to try that, mine rings loud too and I got it a bit better. I got it to not make any noise at all once and it didn't effect the sound at all but then I messed with it again and screwed that up and now I can't get it back to how I had it.
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