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Old 2003-10-15, 19:23
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Italy
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How to equilize a bass amp

Hi, I have to equalize a bass amp, to play black metal....

I have these knobs: Bass (From 0 to 10)
220Hz (From 0 to 10)
Middle (From 0 to 10)
1.6Khz (From 0 to 10)
Treble (From 0 to 10)

How have I to set these knobs???



Old 2004-03-03, 09:40
MorbidGuitar's Avatar
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Depends what your playing. Not every band uses the same frequencies. Crank the low end, keep the mid range on medium and hi on medium i guess.
Old 2004-03-15, 19:40
New Blood
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Netherlands
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Get a new amp

Just those five buttons??? And I thought 220Hz were middle freqs. Seems like it's bass on your amp.

If your guitarists have too much low in their sound and don't wanna change that, then choose a really nasty mid rangy sound. Turn up the "middle" knob to position 7 or eight and turn the volume up. Hit 'em hard then.

For a real bad ass low sound, I would add more 30-100Hz, but you probably can't, so forget that.
Get heard - Go low.
Get hurt - Go lower than a freakin' 7-string guitar moron

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