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Old 2003-08-17, 02:13
New Blood
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Thumbs up beginner bass

im a guitarist, and ive played for a few years, but i know very little when it comes to bass guitar. my brother, who has no experience at all is hoping to start playing bass soon, and i want to help him out. i was wondering if anyone could offer some information about good quality, relatively cheap beginner metal basses. any information will be appreciated! thanks.
Old 2003-08-17, 08:25
Anubis's Avatar
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Alright man, as for a bass, you may want to check out a Rouge bass. has some real good deals on those. As for amps, geta good one like a 50 watt SWR working mans, or maybe some cheap ass Kustom 60 watt, but make sure to get a good amp to start with.

And for fuck's sake. introduce him to these fine bassists:

Cliff Burton (Metallica of course)
D.D. Verni (Overkill)
Rex Brown (Panter)
Steve Digorgio (Death, Sadus, Testament)
Blacky (Voivod)
Shane Embury (Napalm Death, and uggghhh. Brujeria)
Frank Bello (Anthrax)
Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
And of course the almighty Steve Harris (Iron Maiden, but any self respecting metalhead would know that.)

And if he's looking to be "Metal", but really likes Korn, tell him to go inflict that shit on some cheap ass Fender Geeeetar.
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Old 2003-08-20, 21:15
ChileanMetal's Avatar
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i think Sepultura is a nice and easy start
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Old 2003-10-06, 16:34
Senior Metalhead
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Location: Winnipeg, Canada
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Let us not forget :
Alex Webster - Cannibal Corpse
John Myung - Dream Theater (damn how do you spell Myung)
I guess I'm being a moron adding to the list so I'll stop.

I wouldn't recommend Sepultura to a beginner, it's easy for the fretting hand, but the picking might be a little fast. Unless it's newer than Arise, then it's probably easy, but I'm not sure since I haven't heard it in almost 2 years.
Old 2003-10-06, 19:33
MetalPoldi's Avatar
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Originally posted by Rattlehead

I wouldn't recommend Sepultura to a beginner

But you recommened John Myung and Alex Webster.
Old 2003-10-07, 18:00
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Posts: 274
Originally posted by MetalPoldi
But you recommened John Myung and Alex Webster.

These names were the ones I would add to Anubis' list of bassists to introduce him to. Not stuff to learn to play.
Old 2003-10-08, 18:01
New Blood
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I was gonna say, teaching a beginner myung basslines is not gonna be a pleasant experience

Also check out Tony Choy, Roger Patterson (RIP), Sean Malone etc. <-- fantastic site for metal bassists
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