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Old 2003-07-27, 09:07
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Who saw skynyrd tonight? art did.

Well, its 5 am right now (american, NJ time) but earlier today, John, AKA, Art, AKA, Artofnothing6, saw the one, and only Lynyrd Skynyrd. They played a great set, the highlights were sweet home alabama, give me three steps, traveling man and freebird (the encores), simple man, they call me a breeze. There might have been more, but i wouldn't remember cause i was having too much of a great time.

The opening band was a band called "Cross Canadian Ragweed" (the funny thing is its 3 of the band members last names), they were a mix of country and skynyrd style southern rock. They were pretty good, and its cool how they were an opener and yet still were good. The roadies (there was atleast 20 of them) rushed out to take the bands stuff off the stage (they were playing infront of a black curtain thing), and this kickass curtain dropped over the black one that had a picture of a les paul with the Jim Beam (they're sponsoring the tour) logo painted on it, and the Lynyrd Skynyrd logo, and one of the tours main themes, this being Skynyrd's 30th anniversary. After that, a voice came over the speaker that said "lynyrd skynyrd will be on, in just 5 minutes" and everyone cheered for that. They opened with something like "Who we are" or something, i guess it was off their new cd because thats one of the only ones i don't have, or else its on another cd and i just didn't recognize it (i didn't recognize simple man till the chorus). But boy did i have to pee. During one of the new songs i got up and took a piss, knew i wouldn't miss anything cause i don't dig much of their new stuff, came back, and the rest of the concert kicked ass.

Oh yeah, the place holds a capacity of 17,500, there were prolly 17,450 people there, watching skynyrd, and basically everyone left because the last act was Sammy Hagar and everyone hates him. There were people walking around near the bathrooms and food stands going "fuck sammy, go home".

but, i had a good time.
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Old 2003-07-27, 17:54
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Skynyrd is awesome lol.
Rush 30th Anniversary Tour 0wns y0u!

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