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Old 2003-07-17, 03:03
ArkaneSoul88's Avatar
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bass nub

hey guys im a guitarist... ive been playing for awhile, and i kinda wanted to get a cheap bass to fuck around on and use for recordings. Would it be easy for me to pick up since im a expierenced guitar player? and also would i need to buy new gear aka pedal and amp?
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Old 2003-07-17, 09:12
artofnothing6's Avatar
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it wouldn't be to easy, playing the hard stuff on bass isn't ALL easy. I play guitar and bass, but i started out on bass first. It'll take time to get used to the amount of seperation in the strings, and how you have to press down harder on a thicker bass string to get the note, than you would on a guitar.

Yes, you'd have to buy a bass amp. A guitar amp has different frequencies, so if you wanna get a good sound, but a bass amp.
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Old 2003-07-19, 09:22
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Alright, if you're gonna treat the bass like a guitar gone retarded, here is the "cheap" shit you can get.

Cheap little Rouge or Squier 4-string
Kustom amp

By the way, I Love you!
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Old 2003-07-19, 16:29
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nice too see us musicians getting on

Get a cheap bass, and its not easy. from guitar, different string range.
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Old 2003-07-19, 18:02
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basses are for tough people, it takes more effort to play (like drumming does.. ehhe)
I play both guitar and bass, and playing simple bass lines is really easy, however, playing the cool stuff is just as hard as playing guitar at higher levels, just check out mark king's basslines...

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