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Old 2003-06-03, 15:38
dai saunders's Avatar
dai saunders
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hey nomad do you have to pay to keep this site going or dyou use free

just wondering


gone but never forgotten
Old 2003-06-03, 16:13
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webshit mostly cost money.

the mods get paid in the daemon's lair.

Nomad posts all his private porn there.
Old 2003-06-03, 16:59
mrweijia's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
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he probably pays for it with all the ads
Old 2003-06-03, 22:11
guitar_demon's Avatar
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Originally posted by Def
webshit mostly cost money.

the mods get paid in the daemon's lair.

Nomad posts all his private porn there.

you guys get paid?! shit im sure most of us would do it for free
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Old 2003-06-04, 07:18
nomad's Avatar
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With this kind of traffic I have to rent a dedicated server which obviously costs money. Granted, ads pay this and other expenses back, and I even have something left for beer to drink while working on
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Old 2003-06-09, 13:30
sanderinos's Avatar
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The small banner at the top? never noticed that before... not so effective ad, I´d say
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Old 2003-06-09, 14:24
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The Doctor
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