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Old 2003-05-06, 08:35
New Blood
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Jon Schaffer and Iced Earth

Does Schaffer always tune his guitar step down?

I'm asking because on almost every tab I've found with IE the guitar is tuned step down. Or is it because the person that tabbed the song tuned his/her guitar down step.

Old 2003-05-06, 14:55
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Schaffer tunes down 1/2 step
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Old 2003-05-06, 14:58
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As far as I know, all of his songs are down 1/2. Some guys just do this, because it feels more natural to them. It's probably something he doesn't even think about anymore.
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Old 2003-05-06, 18:53
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As far as I know, there are only two Iced Earth songs that are not tuned to Eb.
1. Winter Nights (Track 5 of Disc 1 of Days of Purgatory) which is E
2. Electric Funeral (Track 4 of Melancholy EP) which is D
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