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Old 2003-04-30, 18:23
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Angry "Showing Off"

Apparently, Darko must be jealous of my theory thread and decided to close it.

Actually, I was thinking that my theory thread could be a reference for people that actually WANT to learn about theory. But it seems like ignorance runs high here.

and if things are thoroughly explained, then there is no need for people to ask questions.

I think I made myself pretty clear on explaining theory. I used examples and broke things down to the very basics.

..even so, think about it.. about 2% of this forum probably understands theory, right?

and I'd say only me and maybe 1 or 2 more people in this forum are at the level of theory that I am at currently...

How can there be questions when people barely understand the topic?
I'm also pretty sure that most of you people are past making pointless posts like "I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS FUCKING GARBAGE."

Anyways, theory takes time to learn and by posting things one subject at a time, it would make things easier for you people to percieve complex college level theory...

and considering that there is already a thread about sweeps and artificial, natural, pinch, and harp harmonics- there is no point in making a redundant thread about the same garbage that is already there.

Maybe I could post what I know about tapping and tap tricks such as string-skip arpeggios w/ tapping, tap slides, multi-finger taps, etc.

Not once have I seen a thread about complex theory and it seems that trying to explain theory just makes me a show-off.
Old 2003-04-30, 18:51
dai saunders's Avatar
dai saunders
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good point man

i think that thread was a great reference to a lot theory
you spent ages on that typing it out then he closed it
i learnt loads that i didnt know

and showing off is good people can learn from you and advise you


gone but never forgotten
Old 2003-04-30, 20:52
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Yeah, we need some theory in here. Even though I knew pretty much of what you posted, I think it would be good with more of it, because I think you know more than you had the time to show (before Def closed the thread).
seems like you got a case of stupidphobia
Old 2003-04-30, 23:27
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First off, the thread was off topic. It started out seeing if people knew theory, studied it, bla bla bla. Then you just started to post random shit about it when no one asked for it. Second, you don't need to start another thread about how you don't like my desicions and show everyone that YOU are superior and that all the other metal head guitarists on this forum are inferior. If you have a problem with me or my descions please take it up in a private message to me and we can discuss it. Even if I didn't care that the thread was you babeling on about your knowledge, it still would have been closed do to the off topic problem. If you want to make a thread about theory in general, be my guest. Just make sure it stays on topic. And don't think that I closed it becasue I was jealous, I am a guitar forum moderator for a reason.
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