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Old 2003-04-28, 01:38
GoredFaces's Avatar
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Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Wisconsin
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Schecter Guitars?

Well im in the market for a new 7 string guitar, and came across this...
Ive never heard of Schecter guitars before and was wondering if any of you guys have had an experience with them, or perhaps this exact guitar?
Old 2003-04-28, 16:54
An-Ri-Na-Sidhe's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Ireland
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there's a guy who lives near me who works (sort of) for them. He helped design them and from what I've heard (listening to him play) they sound 100000000000 times better than any of the Ibanez 7 strings. Great sound and extremely good quality, easily the best value for money.
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Old 2003-04-28, 16:59
Bones98's Avatar
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Location: Corona, California
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Schecter is a great company and their guitars are great espcially for their
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Old 2003-04-28, 17:03
GoredFaces's Avatar
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 158
Alright, sounds good, ill probably get it now
Old 2003-04-28, 19:08
Join Date: May 2002
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Jack Owen of cannibal corpse used to play schecter 7's. He didnt play them when i saw him playing a bit after gore obsessed was realeased though.
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Old 2003-05-01, 21:36
Blizzard Beast
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I have a Schecter C-1 EX and I love it. It sounds great and has a nice feel to it. I went with the deep six as opposed to a 7 because they just kill my left arm trying to wrap my hand around the fretboard.
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Old 2003-05-02, 13:30
boomashaka's Avatar
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Location: ykcutnek
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not that u give a shit, but i used to have a 7sting schecter. it kicked ass!!!! but im not into the whole tremolo locking-system thingy. steven or wutever his name is of deftones uses them. jerry horton uses a 6-stringer of theirs(yeah, i hate him too). but wut im sayin is, schecter is a big-brand-name. and theyre definately as good as any ibanez(prolly better). get that elite! i had some diamond series thing, but this looks like an even better one. i know u prolly already bought it, yet i like support when i buy things. so heres support to years of a kick-ass guitar
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Old 2003-05-02, 16:51
GoredFaces's Avatar
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 158
yeah it just came in the mail the other day and i love it, now i just need an amp that can keep up with it
Old 2004-04-20, 20:16
OntheySlay's Avatar
New Blood
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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Schecters feel quite nice, love the string thru body...
Old 2004-04-20, 21:19
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Originally Posted by crispen411312
Jack Owen of cannibal corpse used to play schecter 7's. He didnt play them when i saw him playing a bit after gore obsessed was realeased though.

he uses a brian moore 7 string as his main, an ibanez 7 string, and a schecter 7 string for backups and a little studio work... well thats from when i saw them a few weeks ago plus the dvd that came with their new cd. his brian moore is one pimped out git fiddle...
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Old 2004-04-20, 22:28
Mordor's Avatar
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All i can say is they are real good quality guitars
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Old 2004-04-20, 23:05
Transient's Avatar
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ive played the diamond series and i was blown away. very nice feel and good pickups for the price, about 600 new. which means you could probably get one on ebay for 400 or so

very high quality for price
Old 2004-04-20, 23:42
Corpsevomit98's Avatar
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Posts: 1,293
I love the diamond series. They are a little heavy though but i can deal with it
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Old 2004-04-21, 01:27
DeathCS's Avatar
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I like them, they got a really fast neck.
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Old 2004-04-21, 02:31
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: North Carolina
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haha schecters aren't heavy at all, try playing a gibson les paul

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Old 2004-04-21, 11:20
johnmansley's Avatar
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I've got a Diamond Series 7-string and it is a good quality guitar but I have two gripes with it:

1. It does seem overly heavy
2. I find it has poor sustain when playing distorted power chords.

However it's great to play riffs and the fretboard feels really good to play on. Pity mine broke a couple of months back!
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Old 2004-04-28, 22:29
New Blood
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Location: Plattsburgh, NY
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I got the Schecter V-7 I bought it after seeing the Metal Massacre tour 2000 when I seen jack owen playing. I think it has a great feel to it and the sound is amazing I got it blaring through a Crate Amp which is one of the better for distortion I think.
Old 2004-04-30, 17:05
Kokaiinum's Avatar
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Location: Denmark
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what about the Omen 7 string is it any good? and is it heavy in weight?
Old 2004-05-06, 05:52
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Originally Posted by Corpsevomit98
I love the diamond series. They are a little heavy though but i can deal with it

They don't really seem heavy to me, any B.C. Rich is heavy (they can ruin straps pretty quickly). I played a custom flying v Schecter and I almost crapped my pants. I enjoyed others Schecters, but this one was damn awesome. It had a good fast neck, great for metal.
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Old 2004-05-07, 21:39
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They are pretty good , but not the best sustain. My early 90's Ibanez owns all though, early 90's Ibanez's are the shit, i just love the way they play
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