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Old 2003-04-04, 05:08
New Blood
Join Date: Feb 2003
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50 watt AMP head

Im buying a new amp head. I want to know if 50 watts would be enough to play shows in small bars and other venues, would it be powerful enough to play 4x12" speakers? Would it be loud? Should I go for 50 or 100 or what?

Also, are LANEY amps any good??

Old 2003-04-04, 07:16
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 65
50 Watts is enough to drive a Combo for aware of a few half stack with only 50 watts...but i would have too say go for the 100... Laneys are alright... i think Tony from black sabbath played umm...
Old 2003-04-04, 09:54
artofnothing6's Avatar
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get a 100 so and just dont crank the volume, it'll work better when you upgrade to bigger clubs and you need it. And yes, Tony Iommi plays laney's.
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