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Old 2013-03-25, 20:48
New Blood
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picking pattern when playing scales?

So I've always wondered whether there is some agreed method of how to efficiently pick scales moving from string to string, or if it's all a matter of preference.
When ascending for example a simple Am pentatonic would you (assuming I'm moving down the strings from 6th to 1st):

DU, DU, DU, DU, DU, DU; or instead: UD, UD, UD, UD, UD, UD (I feel this movement could be more economical in the sense that on the down stroke your hand is moving in the direction of the string below it, but I know this can also affect the sound by means of your attack, correct?).
Refering to the previous scale would a decending pattern just be(going from the 1st string to 6th):

UD, UD, UD, UD, UD, UD? or DU, DU, DU, DU, DU, DU?

& When ascending three note per string scales, for example a G Maj, would one:

DUD, DUD, DUD, DUD, DUD, DUD; or DUD, UDU, DUD, UDU, DUD, UDU (is the first pattern just economy picking and the second alt.? )

These might be no brainers, but I'm really trying to get a set method of practicing my picking movement down and some clarity in this area would help immensely.
Old 2013-04-02, 15:07
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Go with whatever's easiest, but economy picking will always be quicker than alternate picking for a given picking speed.
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Old 2013-04-10, 01:37
New Blood
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Boise
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That's what I figured, thanks for the advice.

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