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Old 2012-03-20, 07:00
New Blood
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Help: Whats the correct Growling/Screaming Technique

I've been doing vocals since 3 years now.Though my growls have decent volume they lack the rasp and power.Its more like a loud whisper.

I am confused between the technique i do and one that i've seen other people do ,it started to hurt me so i never picked it up.

Also recently i was told that this technique which i currently use would tear up my throat.Also when i recorded my vocals they only seem to have mids and no bass or highs.My screams are really weak.

whats the correct growling technique.I am attaching a video that i made and a recording of unmixed raw demo that i recorded with my band re=mh_lolz mo/s-1OqAu

It would be great if someone could guide so that i continue practicing using the correct style.

Thank You

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