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Old 2012-01-16, 02:33
New Blood
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aggressive chaotic repulsion-style lead

Anybody care to discuss this topic? I've been trying to move away from anything that sounds remotely neo-classical or melodic in the traditional sense and more towards a raw old school death metal style of soloing. Perfect example would be the lead work on Repulsion's lp - horrified.

i've been working on ripping through diminished patterns with a hint of harmonic minor here and there and trying to add wammy bar dives and harmonics. It seems ridiculously hard to pull this style off without it sounding like a trainwreck.

I'm looking for any advice on scale patterns, runs, wammy tricks, sweet spots for harmonics, good instructional youtube vids or even just guitarists or bands that play in this style. Completely sick of necrophagist sounding solos that are full of minor arpeggios and sound like a fancy midi file.
Old 2012-01-16, 16:44
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There is a sticky at top the of this forum that has harmonic minor scales, check those out. Meshuggah has some really dissonant solos.
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Old 2012-01-16, 18:32
New Blood
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: olympia, WA
Posts: 11
thanks. i'm already familiar with the harmonic minor and all it's positions but have a hard time breaking out of that mold. here are examples of a few vids that have helped me develop this style a bit so far.

Andy James instructional vid version of angel of death solo (i'm not a huge fan of that many slayer solos but this one rips)

Repulsion live on take no prisoner tv

other examples of bands im going for are autopsy, master, grave, carnage, etc.

My problem is that it's hard to find good tabs of any of these type of solos so it's been hard for me to break them down and figure out how to emulate the style.

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