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Old 2011-08-23, 22:36
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Help with getting the tone I want out of my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Hey guys, I've been playing guitar for 8 years now but when it comes to getting the tone and stuff I want I have no idea where to start. I'm pretty bad with hearing the slight differences all the knobs make when you turn them. I'm really into melodic death metal; bands like kalmah, insomnium, hypocrisy, amon amarth etc. I want kind of a tone like them, but to me it sounds all fucked up when I try to get something similar. Can someone tell me what kind of setting I should put the knobs at? I have bass, mid, treble, gain and presence. And as mentioned in the title, it's a mesa boogie dual rectifier. Thanks.

P.S. sorry that I'm an amp noob :P

Old 2011-08-28, 01:52
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Old 2011-08-29, 02:18
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I've got a Dual Rec. I find it hard to get that nice, sharp, clean tone the newer melodic death metal bands use and much easier to get the early Jester Race era In Flames tone, so I can't really say. I'd recommend seeing if you can find some professionally shot live photos and zoom in on the amp knobs and see if you can make anything out, and also if they're using any EQ pedals.
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