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Old 2011-08-10, 02:58
jedediah smith
New Blood
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Jedediah Smith (progressive death metal band)

First-off, for the moderators: Yes, I have posted this information, elsewhere, but I do not plan to just let it sit around, without replying to comments, etc. I do want to use it as a platform, to get my name out there, but mostly I wish to get intelligent feedback, from other musicians. If this is a problem, please let me know and don't viciously attack me, as was said, in the rules.

My name is Dakota Diemand, I have been recording progressive death metal, as a one-man band, for over three years. I recently changed the project name, from I Hope You Freeze to Death, to Jedediah Smith. I will be moving out to Los Angeles to attend Musician's Institute, where I plan to really get the ball rolling, with this band. I play guitar, drums, bass, keys, and I sing (clean and growling). I like to think that my music is pretty unique, but it is most along the lines of Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Scale the Summit, etc. I write long songs, that frequently shift between genres, tempos, time signatures. I have a few videos on youtube, that you can view, by searching Dakota Diemand. I also have a facebook page, with a large amount of my songs, as well as a account (where you can download my music, for free), a cd on itunes (as I Hope You Freeze to Death), etc. I will post some of my newest music in this forum, so that you get an idea of what my stuff sounds like. I know the drumming is not perfect, on my last couple of albums, but on the newer stuff, the drums are nearly 100% perfect. Please post and let me know what you think, and if you like it, please tell your friends!

Jedediah Smith was a fur trapper, in the 1800's, who mapped a lot of the rocky mountains. He was a total badass. His camp was attacked, by indians, and he was the only survivor, but it gets better. He, and his men, were scouting the woods, for animals, when he was attacked, by a grizzly. The bear ripped off his scalp, and part of his face. His men were able to scare off the bear and sew Jedediah's face, and scalp, back on, with 1830's fishing line. He eventually met his demise, at the hands of the Comanche's, when they found him, searching for water, on their land. They promptly killed him. He happens to be a personal hero, of mine.

Go to itunes, cdbaby, facebook, youtube,, myspace, amazon, etc., to listen to my music, if you so desire. Search for Jedediah Smith, I Hope You Freeze to Death, or Dakota Diemand. I am in the process of changing my band name and some sites don't make it very easy to update it, so if you can't find Jedediah Smith, again, just search for Dakota Diemand, or I Hope You Freeze to Death.
this is my homemade music video. I did EVERYTHING, for this video, from the music, to the filming, to the direction, to the editing, and yada-yada-yada. I was inspired to make this video, after an old friend of mine committed suicide (she hung herself). I wasn't really saddened, by this event, but I was left wondering.... why? Why did she do it? How could she be so weak and pathetic, that she just gave up on life, and killed herself. Everyone said that she didn't deserve to die, but she killed herself! I wish I could say that she didn't deserve to die, but she wasn't murdered, she did herself in. So, enough of my ranting, check out the video. If you don't like the theme, or the imagery, that's fine by me, but please respect the hard work and time (4 1/2 months), that I put into this project. I will accept all comments and suggestions, as long as you are respectful and aren't just some lifeless troll, who has nothing better to do than piss people off, for fun.
this is me at a blues open mic, playing some improv, in G harmonic minor, over "The thrill is gone".
download my last three albums, for free!
i'll get stuff put on here, pronto, it's pretty blank, right now.

also, search itunes for I Hope You Freeze to Death, to find my first 2 albums (as a double album), that is if you feel like paying for it. Otherwise, just go to, for free copies.

I record, direct in, on a Boss br-864 digital recorder, playing to a metronome, I double the guitar tracks, record the bass and drums, then do the vocals. I then transfer the tracks, to my macbook, then use garageband, to mix and master the songs. My drumming is not metronome perfect, but it's pretty good, for never taking lessons. The drums are probably the weakest point, in my opinion, but other than that, I believe that it sounds pretty damn good, considering the dated technology, that I'm recording with.
this is the youtube channel, of my bass player, Connor Coram. He fucking rips shit up on six string and fretless bass. we live in different states currently (me in Colorado, him in Michigan), but we are both going to attend musician's institute, starting in the fall. as of yet, we haven't recorded anything together, other than a concert we played at the M.I. summer shot program, last summer. I'm pumped, to start recording with him and the other fine musicians, at M.I.
Check out his videos, I'm sure all will be impressed, I know I sure as hell am. I feel lucky, to have found such a great musician, to join me, in my quest for Progressive Death Metal.

I now have all three of my albums, on There are a couple songs missing because they wouldn't let me upload them, for some stupid reason. I have four albums, before these three, but I consider these to be the first three because they are of much higher quality, than my first few observations. The Marijuana Conspiracy, is my first album, that features good sound quality and decent drumming (the drums are not perfect). Chill the Fuck Out, is actually my favorite album, that I have done, to this point. I recorded it, in my Denver apartment, while people below me pounded on the ceiling because of the drums. There are some great songs, on that album, at least I enjoy them, that is. My newest album, to be released is, In the Hands of Man..., it is about how everything that man puts his greasy mitts on, turns to shit. It isn't a concept album, it just has different songs, with themes, along those lines. All three albums, are under I Hope You Freeze to Death.

here's the equipment, that I use:
dean ml shadow w/ floyd rose and emg 81 and 85
fender strat standard w/ emg 81's
gibson sg standard
martin 000cxe acoustic/electric
soundgear by ibanez bass
marshall valvestate vs100h, through jbl p.a. speakers (as of now, but i plan to get a carvin Steve Vai legacy 2x12 cab)
boss br-864
roland electric kit w/ td-9 processor
effects/pedals: boss pedal tuner, mxr noise gate, mxr carbon copy delay, mxr micro chorus, dimebag crybaby from hell, marshall p802 channel switch

I am also planning on getting an Agile 8-string, within the next month.

I have finished writing all of the songs, for my next observation. It is to be a concept album, with 8 songs. The concept should allow me to write some pretty cool lyrics. I am going to have the concept revolve around the life cycle of a tree, having the tree as a metaphor, for human life. The leaves are events and memories, so on and so forth. I'll post the track names, artwork, and album title, once I get closer to releasing it.

Dakota Diemand

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