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Old 2010-12-10, 20:05
New Blood
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Guitar pro - Writing.

Hey guys, im a vocalist and im really unsatisfied in my band with just waiting for kids to jam out and get music together, it takes far too long and being the vocalist and having to sit around and wait, it gives me the shits, other vocalists out there will agree, its a bitch stop-starting. But anyways
I was hoping maybe someone on here could teach me to use guitar pro for all instruments so i can write instrumentals myself, give them to my band, they can practise that and see what happens from there. I only just started guitar so i have next to no knowledge on instruments but i've heard people can use guitar pro and make sick songs without having any knowledge?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Old 2010-12-14, 10:20
Forum Daemon
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