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Old 2010-11-06, 16:14
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Officium Triste Tabs approval

Hi Paddy
today I received specific permisson from Pim lead vocalist of officium triste to show the current loaded tab and upload more tabs from the band currently I'm working on 2 tabs from this band...
This was via facebook so let me know how can I show you.
Originally Posted by Cunty Shunt
It's shut up time.

Keep 'em comming LS no matter how easy they are.

Originally Posted by Licky Webster
Cock and Ball covered this one, didn't they?
Nice work.

Originally Posted by Paddy
No es problema mi hombre! Hay un burro en mis pelotas, y mi abuela tiene muchas monos en su coņo.

Mi Espaņol no es muy bueno, pero mi puta es va a come el caseoso de mis pelotas con su boca.


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Old 2010-11-06, 17:15
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If you could send Pim's statement to the MetalTabs administrator - including a link to where he said it, if possible - that would be great!

This is the administrator's email address:

The admin needs to have some sort of proof that the band has given permission for MetalTabs to host tablatures of their songs, for legal reasons. Moderators (like me) can't allow bands to appear on the main site; we're restricted to the forum, so only the admin can unlock Officium Triste's tabs.

Thanks for getting the band's permission for us!

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