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Old 2010-01-26, 17:58
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This song is literally the epilogue to my bands concept album which is why it was given the title as such. The album is about a man who discovers through a series of scientific studies the secret to immortality and the demise of the earth while he watches basically. I'm posting the lyrics to this song now, and not in the order they appear due to the fact that ironically, we recorded this song first. I'm looking for critiques on both music and lyrics. A link to the song can be found in my Signature.

Left floating
Amidst the dusts of space
The earths final revolution
Ended with a great contusion

An impact
With another astral being
Now but astriods left from contact
And I from my immortal contract

Now set on
A new course destined for
For one end sure to be final
There's no chance for survival

To the concept of not dying
Soon my body shall be frying
As I make my impact with the sun

A course has never been so perfect
As I make way into the ultimate giver of life

Who would have thought this was the one way
Out of this contract my life in exchange for a feeding

As I drift closer to my last stand
I harken back and wonder if I truely want this

An end to the life that never would end
My contract null and void a loophole I now deploy

Thank you in advance for any criticism in either aspect of this song, I just ask that you please listen to the song to hear the flow of the words before critiquing the flow on paper...

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