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Old 2009-10-23, 21:29
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Guitar modification

Hey, it's been a while. Whatever :P let's get to the point.

I currently have a Viper-407 with Emg;s in it. I'm considering switching them for some normal passives. How much do i have to modify in my guitar to make them fit? And I don't meen electronics or that shit, I'm talking about the holes for the pickups.

And I know you aren't supposed to post about pickups here, but this isn't really that kind of question, IMO.

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Old 2009-10-26, 17:04
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As long as they are matched up (replacing hums with hums or sc's with sc's). It shouldn't require you to have to modify the body in any way. I've switched passives to EMG's and vise versa and never had to modify anything to make the switch.
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