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Old 2003-03-11, 01:17
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Metal Empire

The wise and mighty singer of Exodus once sang "bangers take your stand and fight!" My point being once upon a time anyone that listened to Metal knew the difference between respectable musicians and mass marketing music. In our current generation, the once glorious metal empire has fallen, and in its place is mainstream metal and Emo and all the different branches of supposed music. Just admit that almost any currently recognized bands have taken advantage of the sounds created by their predecessors. Most of today's popular musicians don't have any talent what so ever. Spread the word and the glorious days of Metal, and it may reign over the masses once again. Let the rise of a once proud empire expose itself from the underground.

Derelictsoldier and filthygod
Old 2003-03-11, 01:27
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why post it at 10000 places?
Old 2003-03-11, 01:34
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Heil Satan!
Old 2003-03-11, 01:51
New Blood
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Hail Satan!
Old 2003-03-11, 02:24
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shut the fuck up!!!!!!!
Old 2003-03-13, 02:41
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Ok..... this thread is just stupid as shit and pointless and why the hell is it in the "drumzone" section? Someone please close this thread... it suck's!!!!

walk through nature's dwelling
hide from obscure trees listening
winter brings gloom, brings remnants of our shadows
twilight casts spells on those who espouse their fate

ice pricks necks like knives, leaving shards of cadaverous skin
tears spout from eyes, shunned from mankind's den
(Prayer For Cleansing/ "A Dead Soal Born")

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