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Old 2003-02-21, 15:52
New Blood
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What does this mean. I always see it in tab books usually over pinch harmonics and bends, but I've also seen it used over hammer ons and pull offs and shit like that. Because it's used in such a wide variety of ways I can't figure out. I used think it had something to with pitch or something because of it's usual placement around pinch harmonics and bends. But some places I've seen it, that just doesn't make sense, like the hammer ons and pull offs. Can someone help me out here?
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Old 2003-02-21, 16:06
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I think the V is for Vibrato
and the a is artificial harmonic

for which songs did you saw that??
Old 2003-02-21, 17:01
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The Doctor
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oh God?!?!?!!

It isn't ment for the tabs but for the notes above. It means play this notes one octave(how is that spelled) higher (8 notes).
Don't panic unless you play the notes, but you don't i think

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