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Old 2003-02-16, 05:38
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digital effect built in amps

Ok, im buying a new amp soon but to get the money i have to sell my current amp(peavy bandit112) and my old distoration pedal before i bought the peavy so that will prolly give me around 500-600 to spend and im thinking about getting either a

peavy bandit 212 efx (( $550 )
marshall MG100hdfx with a MG412 slant cab( 750)

now ive played the peavy at my local store and liked alot but ive never played the marshall only heard it on the internet and it really looks like summitn to get but rite now i dont do gigs i dont have a band i just play in my room and hope one day i find someone who is a good rhtym guitar player or drummer to play with me and start a thrash metal band... but the sad thing is all i got is my room lol so what are your thoughts rite now im leaning towards the peavy considering my conditions
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Old 2003-02-16, 05:40
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: US, Louisiana
Posts: 337
o yah forgot to add another reason
i want a amp with built in effects to save me money from having to buy pedals that cost $100 on there on and wont have to fool with them since there just rite there when i need them in my amp that i can set the presets and crap
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Old 2003-02-16, 21:33
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normally i'd say marshall, but if you dont need any more than a combo amp, get the combo peavey.
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Old 2003-02-19, 13:48
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I'd go with Marshall, but that's my personal preference... choose whatever sounds best for you
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Old 2003-02-21, 16:19
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I would pick the marshall over the peavey. I used to have a Crate DX212. I think it had 16 effects built into it and 16 different amp sounds. It wasn't bad but the effects weren't as good as some of the pedals you can buy. I would make sure that what ever you buy has a foot switch included. I wasted about $700 on my Crate and then found out that if I wanted the foot switch I to pay an extra $200. That's fucking ridiculous. Then I bought a mesa boogie duel rectifier on a marshall half cab and my crate didn't get used any more. It got stolen and I didn't even care because I nevr used it anyway. If you're planning to start a band sometime in the future I would recomend that you hold off on buying an amp for a while and save up some more money and get a half stack that way you don't have to buy a new amp later on. Just a thought.
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