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Old 2003-02-03, 03:22
Drunken Yeti God
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Bass URL Thread

Alright guys, I'm looking for some websites on jazz bass stuff right now, and something sparked in my head to make almost like a database of any bass sites you know of, to help anyone else out that might have the problem that I'm having now.

So whether they're tab sites, technique sites, or theory sites, feel free to throw them up.

And for ease of looking, I'll delete ALL posts that don't have a URL to a corresponding site to them.

This could be really good I think, as long as we do it right.
Old 2003-02-04, 12:09
ThroneofbahoS's Avatar
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there should be some shit about basses too, not sure if any jazz things. Maybe if you search for them, anyways its worth to take a look!


Theres some more lessons for different genres and stuff. This might be helpful.

Well, Ill post more if I have time and shit...
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