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Old 2003-01-13, 23:00
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Stupid Questions

Okay, Im tired of tryin to figure this shit out. This will most likely be really stupid to you guys but i just dont fucking care anymore.

1. How exactly do you pop and slap? I know theres threads about this but none of them help. Is there like a site I can visit to help me with this?

2. Chords. Are they really all that important to learn?

ill probably come up with more as my brain is rotted by television and sugar more
Old 2003-01-13, 23:18
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2. You dont have to learn chords -but to be a good bassist and stand away from the crowd of self - taught bassists, I would learn them. Unless you wouldnt mind being a punk-ish bassist [I wouldnt mind being one], or some lame death metal bassist...

It's just like with guitars, you dont have to learn chords, but its better if you do. Get it?

1. Here's a site, there's THREE parts to this arcticle so dont screw up and not read the rest of it.
Old 2003-01-14, 00:06
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thanks, this is going to help alot
Old 2003-01-14, 00:18
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popping is when you basically pull the strings, so they slap the fretboard or something. slapping you do with the side of your thumb.
Old 2003-02-07, 02:17
se7enth joker
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back to that chords thing, do you know any sites with some bass chords? I've been looking around and cant really find any

thanks for the help

thats a good slapping page to for the guy that wanted to learn slap
Old 2003-02-07, 02:50
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For chords, just either go to a guitar site and figure them out like playing a CEG for a C Major and such, or know the way the chords are constructed and just go by that, like the C Major chord is made up of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of the C Major scale, being the C, E, and G, respectively.
Old 2003-02-07, 09:51
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Originally posted by mrweijia
popping is when you basically pull the strings, so they slap the fretboard or something. slapping you do with the side of your thumb.

well, popping is a certain tone you get by pulling the string with your fingers, slapping is a whole different thing and there's more ways to do it (thumb up/down, muted etc...) be sure to slap ON the fretboard not near the pickups because that will sound like shit, also try to get a quick attack on your slapping speed, level 42 stuff is good to learn slapping.
Old 2003-02-07, 18:49
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Yeah slapping doesent sound good anywhere around the bridge, slap as closest to the fretboard as possible.

Also check out Primus - Tommy the cat, to improve popping slapping and double thump

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