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Old 2003-01-08, 23:07
New Blood
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Arrow techniques for death metal bass

hi im just wondering if anyone knows about any hard metal or death metal bassists that use slap technique
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Old 2003-01-09, 06:34
Lord Arioch's Avatar
Lord Arioch
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the only one I can think off know
is Jean-Jacques Moreac from Misanthrope
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Old 2003-02-03, 05:32
New Blood
Join Date: Jan 2003
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the bassist from Behemoth uses slap. i saw it in a video once
Old 2003-02-12, 20:47
New Blood
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Location: Ottawa
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Opeth uses slap same with cryptopsy. Also i think in one or two voivod songs there are little slap fills.
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