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Old 2003-01-02, 16:45
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Post "Dear Dead Father" a Black/Death metal song

"Dear Dead Father" by Hakop Kirakosian

Loud screams get louder as I switch to on coming anger
What mental thing are you for bearing your suffering son
If I die before you do, I hope a you suffer a horrible death
Satan shall not show mercy upon your disgraced soul
I shall suffer Nevermore!

No sudden love
No more fuckin lies
Because now is your time to die!
I suck at guitar.
Old 2003-01-02, 22:54
Gigantic Penis
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kinda weak...........

"If I die before you do, I hope a you suffer a horrible death"

i would change that, its pretty bad...........
"Hey! They're working! My feet are soaking wet, but my cuffs are bone dry! Everything's comin' up Milhouse!"

"I guess it all works out in the end"
"Yeah, the REAR end."

-Beavis and Butt-head
Old 2003-01-02, 23:01
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yeah i agree, and the word "fuckin" doesnt fit in with the first part
Old 2003-01-03, 02:07
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GOD DAMNIT! How many times am I going to have to say this....DON'T USE THE WORD SOUL! It's lame, cliche, and only fat metal heads (my black soul) and sappy high school girls (soulmates) use it. That black metal song must have a loooooooooot of instrumentation in it to fill the massive time void that those lyrics helped not to fill. In conclusion, I'm a harsh critic and I hate it.


p.s. Don't take it personally. Learn and grow from your mistakes....or slit your wrists, at this point I don't care.
"As Horrifying as Being Raped by a Grizzly Bear in Front of a Full Body Mirror" one of my many song titles

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