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Old 2002-12-31, 05:25
Big Spike Hardy
New Blood
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Frostburg, MD
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this is sorta weak as far as metal lyrics are concerned...but I enjoy them and think they could work given context...


Do you feel the warmth
Growing deep inside
Do you feel your senses
Going for that ride
Your vision will be blurred
Your emotions will be stirred
On that drug that no one can resist
You’ll be walking in your sleep
As your dreams begin to creep
Searching for that one moment of bliss

Pyro slips into your veins
Makes your body feel so strange
And as the fire burns
Your mind begins to yearn
For that feeling deep within your soul

And when it all is done
And reality returns
Are you sad that you can’t feel
The way that your soul burns
When you are done your wicked trip
And your thoughts no longer slip
Into the void that holds you when you cry
You’ll see darkness up ahead
But flames will rise into your head
And make you want to curl up and die


Pyro slips into your viens
And as that fire burns
And as that fire burns
For that feeling deep within your soul
Deep within...your soul...
Old 2003-01-01, 22:58
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Atlanta, Ga, USA
Posts: 153
I hate it and I thnk if I took a massive shit in my backyard and let 4 year olds draw random symbols in it, it would make a more intelligible/enjoyable set of lyrics. Plus you used the word "soul" in it. The most overworked god damn word in metal music. I swear these damn long haired hippies need to stop using words like "soul", "thee", and "void" (and that's not a direct knock at you, it's about all those metal lyricists). Sorry, I just like lyrics to be much more chaotic and interesting than that...pyro...jesus christ...

"As Horrifying as Being Raped by a Grizzly Bear in Front of a Full Body Mirror" one of my many song titles
Old 2003-01-02, 02:28
Big Spike Hardy
New Blood
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Frostburg, MD
Posts: 2

at least it was being honest...

I write mostly softer stuff so working around the "metal image" is pretty tough...especially hardcore...

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