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Old 2009-07-18, 20:39
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So I figured it had been a while since the last time I checked up on the status of their new album that was on it's way to being released...googled their name and was hard pressed to find them right off the bat! Turns out, they have broken up and are not releasing a new album. Sucks ass... Was really looking forward to checking out their latest work.
Old 2009-07-18, 21:18
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That's fucking bad news; I was really looking forward to some new output from them. Masticate to Dominate is one of my top five death metal records of all time.
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Old 2010-01-14, 14:36
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Hmmm... yeah, what's almost as sad is that only two of you guys gave a shit enough to say something about it. I realize Gorgasm isn't going to make Leski a bunch of money or anything, but why in the the hell stop playing in a brutal death metal band that is that influential and legendary if you want to be in a brutal death metal band?
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