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Old 2002-12-27, 13:55
New Blood
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: melbourne
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new song - inequity

hey guys
i havnt posted in a while so thought i'd share a song with u.


plagued by judgements of inequity
we seep and writhe
into a fate that is out of our control
waiting. forever. uncertainty.
i rest, momentarily until
my binding insanity resurfaces
pins and needles scar my flesh
skin rejecting bones i've picked
i care not for it is beyond reach
convulsions of anti prayers
i resist temptation and entice
another to fall instead

salvation found in isolation
out of harms way
a final retreat where i may
expire at will

beyond bounds of expression
i cannot convey meaning
supressed desires to be whole again
anti control immunization
the threat of the minds power
supremacy, self-sufficiency
in lack of resentment i have developed
an unconsious conscience
that i vigilantly restrain
equality of flesh and soul
can be seen through layers of rot
as decomposition begins

minds eye blinded
by collapse, alienation
visuals disintergrating

thanks for taking the time to read this. please post any comments, tips and critisism
success is revenge
i recomend you churn some
Old 2003-01-19, 01:17
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