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Old 2009-06-08, 22:24
New Blood
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help with a chorus section... plz

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a metalcore-style song that I'm writing. I have completed the intro melody and the main verse, but I'm having some trouble with the chorus section... I can't seem to come up with a soft sounding melody to go over my rhythm. The bands that influence me (ATR, AILD, BFMV) use heavy chords and melodic melodies in their verses 9 times out of 10, but usually use softer chords and quieter melodies in their choruses. I guess I'm just stuck in "heavy mode" . The attachment is a PowerTab of what I've done so far, and the big question-marked sections are what I'm having trouble with. Any suggestions?

P.S.: I'm not asking for someone to write it for me, I'm just asking for ideas, scales, and/or patterns...
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Old 2009-06-11, 06:50
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what bands?
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Old 2009-06-12, 12:27
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7-string warlord
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I dunno but I think two of them are As I lay Dying and Bullet For my yeah....I wouldn't worry to much about writing that Chorus. No matter what it will sound bland and unoriginal.
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Old 2009-06-14, 10:19
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Just listen to it over and over, and sing stuff over it in your head, and try and work it out. I came up with a melody in my head the first time listening to it. I wouldn't know what scale it would be or anything. I don't really think anyone could help you out here without actually writing it for you.

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