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Old 2009-05-06, 19:33
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Thoughts about Downsizing

Hi everyone, I aint been on here in a while, tis good to be back.

Anyways I've been using a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL100 head and 1960a cab for over 4 years now, and i love the way it sounds for gigs, however I've now got more in to my old skool rock and I dont really get the chance to crank it much anymore, even at gigs its on about 5-6, its that loud.

My question is should I downsize to something a little less loud. I've been looking around and recently came across the Krank Rev Jr, it's a tiny 20 watt tube head, which sounds pretty cool, what you guys think? anything out there slighlty better around the 20 watt range?

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Old 2009-05-26, 16:05
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Welcome back Mordor, I too have been absent for a while, just coming back. Have you thought about the orange tiny terror or the vox night train? Also if you have the cash soldano makes a low wattage head, I forget the name of that one. There are a couple of "Blackheart" low-watt heads I think made by peavey but they didn't sound as good as the others IMO. Personally I'm considering switching from my 5150 combo to the night train with 1 or 2 distortion/o-d pedals for more gain.
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