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Old 2009-04-16, 13:18
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Marshall 1960 cab

I am thinking of getting a marshall 1960 cab with 4 celestion G12T75s. I will be using it with a marshall valvestate 8100 head with the option of a boss heavy metal pedal as a gain boost. I am looking for a tone similar to the one on entombed's left hand path, with a lot of gain and mids. I can get this cab in good condition from ebay for 250, do i take it?
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Old 2009-04-16, 17:26
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sounds like a good price. Give er a shot.
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Old 2009-05-06, 19:16
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You can get them cheaper, I sold a 1960 about two years ago in fairly pristine condition for 200, you can usually find 1960A's up on ebay for around 160 to 200 depending on the condition

There solid cabs though, very good for tinkering around with
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