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Old 2009-01-15, 04:32
New Blood
Join Date: Jan 2009
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amp head for $1k

im new to the forum but ive been hunting for a new amp for around 3-4 months now (harmony-central, craigslist, ebay, etc).

my goal tone would have a tight bottom end, tons of punch, mids, and very clear highs for leads, shredding, etc. (think necrophagist or arsis)

i had narrowed it down to an engl fireball, but unfortunately theyre next to impossible to find used in my price range.

some other amps i had considered were a 5150/6505+ and a randall rx120 that a friend of a friend is selling for $125.

the 5150 had a little too fizzy of a tone at times for my liking (i heard the bias mod helps, is it something that is difficult to do for someone with minor electrical experience), and i have no clue when it comes to randall.

my time is kind of running a little short and im considering purchasing something other than the fireball.

i currently play a schecter c-1+ with an emg-81 installed in the bridge if that helps at all

thanks in advance
Old 2009-01-16, 16:21
the_bleeding's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Toronto, Canada
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i'd say get a 5150 and bias mod it, or a 5150+; AND switch your pickup to an emg 85 and do an 18 volt mod on it. That will rid you of the fizz.
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