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Old 2009-01-12, 23:06
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bare knuckle warpig review (with pictars!)

I just got a bareknuckle warpig

First things first, i'm still honeymooning on it, but i'll try to keep it fairly objective.

Pickup: Covered Original (alnico 5) warpig
Guitar: bc rich mockingbird special (500k pots)
Amp: Marshall 6100lm --> Mesa stiletto slant with v30's

Output: Hot. I love it. Probably near equal to what an emg 85 has in terms of output. I compared it to my rockfield SWV (hotpaf copy), and it actually is not compressed for a hot pickup. You can get great dynamics out of it when its clean - infact better dynamics than with the SWV. Furthermore, when you roll off the volume knob, it cleans up gorgeously.

Tone: For a hot pickup, obviously it would have lots of bass and mids, and rolled off highs. However, though it has a good amount of bass, it is not muddy at all, and the highs are very smooth beautiful. It is not at all a dark pickup. Smooth and thick are good adjectives when describing its attack, like a milkshake. I thought that the high strings would sound somewhat dull or choked, but they sound gorgeous, again very smooth and thick. It sounds like im using thicker strings (which im not). Tonally, its very warm and organic. I am a huge fan. Through my marshall, it sounds somewhat like Black Label Society in terms of thickness and attack. Clean, the high strings are beautiful and clear - not sparkly or glassy, but just good, almost like a thick clean tone. The low strings... on man the low strings have this rumble to them.

Attack: as i said, thick like a milkshake. Now, when i initially bought it, i thought the overwinding combined with the a5 magnet would give it a soft muddy attack. I was incredibly wrong. It is definitely tight enough to pull off almost all metal. Sounds fantastic when i play those quick chromatic riffs in Between the Buried and Me's Camilla Rhodes. I havent managed to play quick enough to get notes to blend together at all.

conclusion: great fucking pickup. Can be hot as hell and do any metal. Does any hard rock, and excels and doom and stoner rock. It was named after (and sounds like) a black sabbath song after all. And although it sounds like pure destruction, its cleans are quite awesome. Yes. delicious.
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