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Old 2008-12-14, 02:32
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Post Effect processors and Equalizers

Me and my band have Been doing alot of practice since we formed our band but now that we want to start recording we were are trying to maximize the sound before We buy the software/hardware needed to record
I've been looking for some type of Vocal effect processor/equalizer to make my voice sound better.
I'm thinking about buying TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct Vocal Pedal and Behringer FBQ3102 Ultragraph PRO EQ but haven't gotten enough information to make a decision anyone own/owned these?
Old 2008-12-14, 13:18
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for recording i'd usually stick with the program's presets and other effects that come with it. Like, plug the mic directly to the soundcard or mixer that you're using. Which brings me to my next question, have you any experience with that type of hardware? And why don't you just go to a studio?
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Old 2008-12-14, 17:11
New Blood
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I never really thought about the studio option.I talked 2 a few people and they said that a equalizer would be a good idea.I'll take your advice
Old 2008-12-27, 09:44
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What exactly do you mean by "make your voice sound better"? A processor wont make you a better singer, but it can help with adding ambience or in the case of the TC Helicon, you can use the Vocoder to get more unnatural "robotic" type sounds. But dont expect a processor to turn you into your favorite singer.
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buy a stick of graphite (art stores) and rub it into your nut

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